Thursday, June 11, 2009


i took down most everything old, as all my new stuff is better and i worked on for longer and find perfecting it to be a more interesting and private act. the ones up are my favorites. it's too hard keeping up with an edit/post/edit/post routine. it was fun for awhile, kind of like flash publishing, and it was a good activity for the literary muscle memory. thanks for reading if you did but i don't really feel like keeping up with this blog for updating people on what poetry i work on, sorry people, but most of these were drafts anyway so don't worry much, it's just notes, scratch. i think only like two people read this anyway. i'll be posting on this blog later, mainly as a journal, for my own keeping and if you want to read it too, while i am away on travel after the summer. probably won't post until then unless there is an art event or something we throw. two better blogs for poetry: and thanks

Friday, April 17, 2009

corporate tarzan

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it is kind of hard to scan/rescan everything and i won't be working at the computer lab as much, just mornings 10-2 m-f, so i'm overhauling the blog for a second to try to streamline my process. basically, i've made so many changes to the poems that a spring cleaning is in order. i love using the scanner + courier new to give it a typewriter look and feel but i'm just going to start print screening and trying to compose more often with my e-typewriter until i get a real one to scan in w/. this one is just the you are free one below, page one, edited. i'll do something else with those other two pages later this week or something. the manuscript items are going to get another massive change, i'm just not happy with them but i feel so close to the subjects that i won't let it go. i did some editing on paper at home. got some better shapes. i'll add it up soon.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sorry mad Thursday

I think I've settled on this as the final draft for the first poem of the Red Floors manuscript.

A Celebration of Sorts, A Typical One with Spirits

My re-do of the last poem, "Recording," which I thought was okay but needed to find a way to consolidate all of the growth at Red Floors G into one broader feeling event, location, with a loose cast of characters/word players. This could very easily be titled "Partying in 2008" as you can tell.

foxverse the fox

this one is better than the split versions for me, the process of it and the marks on it make me feel something about it is more genuine, it is the original i typed the splits from, maybe that's why, you can see the one half, the underlined, one split from the non. you can imagine it without "20th century fox" and "reverse the fox."

very first "visual typerwriter" poem

town things this weekend have been said

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Scan Poem for Aagesen, Carlo

Poets: Drop off your poems at the English Lab (33 East Congress, Suite 312, Chicago) and get them scanned and put online. Thank you poets.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Last Red Floors Show of 2008

Here Ye Here Ye this one is a $FREEBEE$
Last Red Floors Show of 2008:
A send off to your loving patron of the arts Joe Bly viva Japan
BA/MFA Mofos: Thank God You Just Graduated!
Still doing time? Well, one more down! Come have a drink!
Come drink our beer, walk on our red floors, if you dare
chance the roof, then chance the roof away. Art by
Mic-Y, my boy will be selling cool little silkscreens for 5$
wavin the regular fee in hopes you will buy some art!
sweet holiday gift ;-o
Poetry reading informal and usual as always
And maybe some other surprises too! (no, not Santa)
(unless Thomas Mowe volunteers)
December 12th, 7:00 pm
Poetry starts whenever we feel like
1328 W 18th St
Apt 4R

Pink Line to 18th
Try out some buses if you wish
Last Pink line is at 1:14 a.m.
(so you might have to if ya wanna stay and get plastered with your hosts)

What? You're still reading? You want more info?
240 298 6367 (ask for Jesus, Joe will answer)

Friday, September 19, 2008



With the increase in political chatter about immigration, and being a country built on it, the Elephantzine crew decided to ask the question, "Where are you from?" What does "from" mean? How long ago is "from"? And where is everybody from in this "from?"

Elephantzine would like to find out!

Elephants Volume 3: The Immigrant's Address
asking YOU
"Where are you from?!"

submit poetry and art to:
by November 1st, 2008
include a short bio with contact info

--Elephantzine crew

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Red Floors Gallery

Elephant RELEASE PARTY @ The Subterranean:aw yeah




celebratin' the release of Elephant V2: The Notebook Issue, Elephantzine Poets and Friends will read from 7:30-9:15, P.M. and the Open Mic continues afterwards until 2am.

$3 drafts, no cover. 21+$3 drafts, no cover. 21+$3 drafts, no cover. 21+

2011 North Ave in Chicago (by Damen stop on Blue Line)

be there!